Botella de vinagre balsámico magoni Botella de vinagre balsámico magoni Barriles con vinagre balsámico de Casa Magoni


Balsamic vinegar was born in the region of Modena, Italy in the 15th – 16th centuries in the midst of the Renaissance.
The classic, traditional method consists of the concentration of a white grape must over direct heat until the volume is reduced to 1/3.

The barrel line is made up of 6 containers with a capacity from largest to smallest, starting with 60 liters and ending with 12 liters.

The first production is obtained with a minimum maturity of 12 years (twelve years).

In the barrels an alcoholic fermentation takes place at the same time as acetic fermentation, which transforms the alcohol into acetic acid.

The final product is a concentrate with intense aromas between sweet, acidic and slightly bitter notes, in synergy with the important sweet contribution of the sugars in the concentrate.

Our balsamic vinegar is produced respecting the classic traditional method that uses batteries from small capacity barrels and respecting historical maturation times.