Botellas de la reserva de Casa Magoni
Five years after the start of the Bodegas Magoni project, this new offer was born that aims to be an expression of our terroir and our knowledge through the clones that we have considered the most typical qualitative expression, the result of a selection work begun decades ago with the project of introduction and adaptation of new varieties that today reach 112, from 6 countries.

The wines want to be a recognition to the people of Vidue and their respective Regions of Origin, seeking to preserve the varietal personality expressed in our region.

Some varieties are already well known, the clones not so much.

What is a clone? We could paragon it with the proper name of a person. The name of the variety could be compared to the family name. In a family the siblings are descendants of the same strain, but each one is different. So the grape clones.

The varietal that participates in the greatest proportion in the blends is the one that gives the wine its identification.

All the wines are aged in American oak barrels which, in our opinion, contributes to reinforcing the personality of each wine, integrating itself, in an admirable synergy and harmony, melting and harmonizing the spicy notes of the wood with the vigorous character of the wines.